About GMS

As the leading consulting organization for executives and board members, Gayne Management Services helps business and nonprofit leaders develop strategies and build strong organizations that accelerate growth, social impact, productivity and marketing.

We understand the pressure to serve more beneficiaries, raise more money, and do more with less. Applying our breadth and depth of management consulting experience, we are here to help businesses and nonprofits navigate these challenges by developing clear, measurable, impact goals and implementing action plans that align people and processes to achieve those goals.We are your one stop shop for all of your needs.

We have consulting expertise:

GMS consists of a core team with strong planning, organizational development and executive transition experience. We have experience leading and overseeing virtually all major categories of consulting services. We also have a group of experienced consulting partners, with GMS providing project support, oversight, and continuity as future needs of clients are identified.

Through a collaborative approach:

GMS’s consulting process uses a collaborative model. We work closely with executives or a nonprofit’s board and leadership team to build capacity through the process of planning, organizational development, or other management and leadership tasks, leveraging best practices in management that result in stronger outcomes. We are experienced, trained facilitators who know that projects yielding results have strong ownership by the team who must implement. We assist you, guide you, and provide a productive process, helping create solid deliverables and capabilities along the way. We can provide tools and recommend pertinent training to enhance your capabilities.

This approach, along with our deep experience and competitive rates, provides a strong value proposition to our clients. We bring together everything you need to achieve your goals and advance the projects that define your organization.

Our team of CEO coaches work with dozens of CEO’s, entrepreneurs, and companies to help them dramatically grow their business. We develop your people to elevate their own performance. We also deliver keynote presentations at industry conferences and company events worldwide. Learn more about our leadership and see how we can help you and your business.

Our Leadership Team

Jason S. Gayne is the founding owner and CEO of Gayne Management Services, where he and his team help businesses and individuals increase profitability, drive margin expansion and gain accountability in order to meet business objectives and reach new heights. Gayne is a top business coach who advises entrepreneurs and leaders toward extraordinary results. He regularly facilitates annual planning sessions for companies and non-profits, and is also a passionate and energized keynote speaker who covers topics that include what it takes to be a top performing CEO and company.