Coaching and Learning

This is a base outline of services that we offer. We are meet customer’s demands to most any aspect of your business.

Strategy Consulting:

GMS consulting engagements focus on results. We seek opportunities to help high-performing and high-potential companies and organizations maximize the impact of their work.

Strategy Development:

Strategy is about getting critical resource decisions right—allocating time, talent, and dollars to the activities that have the greatest impact. The strategies we develop with our clients are anchored in their most critical decisions; grounded in our field and capability experience. And we craft these strategies to position clients to scale their impact in both the near- and longer-term.

Group Consulting: Increasing Organizational Effectiveness

GMS offers a consulting service which engages a group of leadership teams to identify their organizational strengths and weaknesses, and to develop action plans to increase their effectiveness.

Leadership Program:

Brings together executive directors/CEOs and their senior team members in a six-month-long program to build capabilities across the critical dimensions of highly effective leaders and their teams. This is an opportunity to explore content and tools used by GMS in our work advising clients, to apply those tools in meeting organizational priorities, and to do so in partnership with a select group of leaders.

Leadership Effectiveness:

Without strong leaders and sound management practices organizations can struggle to sustain their successes and increase their impact. Our services, tools, and insights provide advice to CEOs and senior team leaders who aim to become more effective leaders.

Marketing & Communications:

When it comes to attracting people to your cause, nothing matters more than your ability to tell your story. Check out our in-depth reporting on the practice and power of storytelling. Also how to re-brand your organization.

Proactive security assessments and evaluations:

We help leaders get control of security and emergency preparedness with multiple strategies. We evaluate buildings, security systems and plans from top to bottom. We assess every building, starting with inspections and reviews of design, construction, and access. We talk to administrators and staffers to understand their safety concerns. We evaluate security/police departments, policies, staffing and training. We analyze emergency and crisis plans, policies and administrative procedures related to security, safety training, and drills for staff.

Security and emergency preparedness, response training:

Our training will improve staff response to emergencies, lockdown and evacuation procedures, crime prevention, and assessment of threats. This nuts and bolts training emphasizes the human factor in security. We look at the roles and limitations of security equipment, the impact of social media, and the fundamentals of school safety, based on real life situations from our experience across the country.

Customized emergency training for security teams, administrators, and others:

Every employee should be ready to spot trouble before it happens and intervene during fights and violent situations to protect clients and co-workers. We teach skills such as verbal de-escalation, managing violence and situational awareness. Specialized on-site and off-site school safety services can be developed to meet the unique needs of staff and the broader community.

Assessing and managing threats:

Bomb threats on Facebook, rumors of violence spread by text messages, threatening emails sent through proxy servers, fight videos that go viral on YouTube. Administrators, staff and safety officials can increase their awareness of these threats and improve their response. Learn the best ways to deal with these trending security challenges.

Large event security:

The right planning can keep these party-crashers out. Our strategies go beyond security screening and police staffing. We look at the psychology and dynamics of large events. We focus on staff training, policies and procedures and multi-agency coordination. Sample topics include: Coordinating security procedures, transportation issues, and how to identify hot spots for violence.

Bullying prevention and strategies:

Learn how to address bullying, protect clients, increase confidence, avoid political landmines, stay out of the media, and reduce potential liability with a common-sense, practical anti-bullying program.

Crisis communications consultations:

Administrators who communicate confidently during emergencies can be heroes with clients, the community and the media. We will guide your team to create a thorough crisis communications plan that is customized for your business and your community. Your plan will use both traditional media and non-traditional platforms such as social media. We will help you create an action blueprint, with step-by-step procedures and messaging tactics to reach people fast with accurate information.

Media training designed for leaders:

Personal communication strategies, messaging techniques and on camera training that will help leaders effectively reach clients, businesses and community decision makers.

Strategic communication planning:

We design strategies to effectively communicate with staff and community stakeholders. Leaders will learn how to build support for safety planning and other important issues as they engage with board members, staff, and community partners, including business leaders and local government agencies. We advise and support administrators on safety issues in highly emotional or political situations. Our strategies target mass media, online and mobile media, social media, and emergency alert systems.

Post-crisis safety support services:

We help leaders deal with public relations issues after a crisis. We show you how to address concerns about security, while navigating tough questions from reporters and local political fallout.